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Don't Make These Top 5 Passport Mistakes

Source: Travel Channel

These common mishaps could leave you stranded. You’ve booked the perfect international vacation. Maybe you’re heading to a tropical beach locale where the cool blue water pairs perfectly with your umbrella drink. Or you want to dive into history with the landmarks and museums in Europe. No matter where you’re heading, one thing is for sure: Without a valid passport, there’s no way you’re getting to your desired destination.

Make sure you’re able to cross the border with our list of five passport mistakes to avoid.

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Valerie's Travel Articles

Sculpture Garden Harbor Park, Kenosha

Kenosha, Wisconsin is full of surprises so get in your car and discover their Harbor Park located on the lakefront. Having family in the Kenosha area we have witnessed the transformation of their lake front over the years.

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Serve Me LEMONS Please!

I was smitten, it was romantic to spend a day visiting the towns along the Amalfi Coast on our recent Italy tour. I felt myself sliding into breathless beauty as I walked the narrow streets of the town of Amalfi on a pristine afternoon.

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Romance for February

February is a month of romance. Windows are filled with red and pink hearts. Chocolates and roses are cherished and given away as signs of love.

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Free Time - A Bonus When Traveling

Creating memorable moments gives me joy and renews my passion for traveling the world. I truly get very excited when on our “Someday” trip itinerary states, “your evenings are free to explore on your own and to enjoy”.  

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A Honeymoon Ten Years Later and a Few Good Stories.

One of the delights of leading tours is hearing wonderful stories form travelers and meeting terrific people.

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The Wonders of Southern France

We recently returned from leading a great group of travelers through the Provence region of France ending with three days in the city of lights, Paris. I am still greeting people with “Bonjour” (hello) and saying “Merci” (thank you).  

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Our Favorite Place

If someone were to ask you what is your favorite place to travel to what would you say? Over the past eight years Wayne and I have led tours to at least 14 to 16 countries, so our answer no doubt is a bit different from yours.

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London and the Best of Southern England

We recently returned from a trip to England and became simply enchanted with the Heart of England with its many villages. The name of the area is called the Cotswold region. At times I felt we were in a time machine returning to a place in time where history was encased in one of the best medieval castle in the world, Warwick Castle.

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"It was one of the most organized and enjoyable tours I’ve been on" "Having a team like you two makes for a very enjoyable and safe trip. Your constant accounting of everyone till sleeping time says something about a very responsible business. The vigilance of the tour coordinators made our entrance and exit so smooth. I felt very safe and comfortable traveling alone in this trip. Feels good to know the tour coordinators have you in their best interest in all areas of the tour." Susan Ledesma

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"We were expecting a great experience and it was everything we hoped for. Thank You! We actually don’t remember having any concerns but if we did you must have handled them very well. Christine (guide) was incredible. She had a wealth of knowledge at her finger tips as well as being warm, charming and fun. The tour was perfect combination of 'hand holding' if/when needed and the opportunity to do one’s 'own thing'." Joni and Gary Greenfield

"Received a million dollar return on the trip, accommodations, guides and the itinerary was fantastic!"

"The trip (Paris) was well organized. You and Valerie are top notch guides. I don’t think I’d go on any other tour unless you were the leaders. I enjoyed meeting the people in the group. Thanks again for a wonderful time." Sue Weimer